One-Stop Solution to Fix Your Facility!

The Golden Sun construction company not only shares a remarkable position of being a trustworthy constructor, but it also extends its services to repairs of the facilities — whether residential or commercial.

From plumbing and electrical work to full improvements and alterations, our home maintenance services have got you covered. Whatever be your maintenance requirements, we are here to remedy them with our wealth of experience, a group of qualified professionals, and unmatched professionalism.

Bespoke Home Maintenance Services

Our home maintenance New England solutions leave your residential or commercial property in the perfect state. From plumbing to fixing electrical issues, carpentry to flooring, there is nothing we can’t do. Here’s a glimpse of our repair services.


Our competent and highly qualified plumbers ensure that all drainage and plumbing work remains up to the mark once we leave your space.

Tiling and Flooring

To prevent deterioration, occasional maintenance is required on both, wall and floor tiles. Our residential home maintenance services ensure to bring back the originality of your grout and tiles by repairing and filling the damages.


Having backed by a team of competent carpenters, we perform every kind of carpentry with the utmost excellence. Whatever the type of timber, we have equal expertise to deal with everything. From furniture and cupboards to door frames and skirting, there is nothing that our team can’t do.

Whether you need residential rectification or commercial home maintenance, Golden Sun Construction is here on standby.

Brickwork and Pointing

Brickwork is subject to deterioration with time. Our company deals with the rectification of this too. Our qualified team builds and repoints all types of masonry and brickwork, from limestone to clay bricks and concrete.

Plastering and Rendering

We are masters in dealing with plastering. Our plasterers are backed by years of experience in maintenance projects that perfectly finish all ceilings and walls.

Five-Step Process to Deliver A Revamped Look!

Your property maintenance goes through a series of steps in the process.

Step 1: Consultation

You and our experts gather on the same page to discuss the maintenance requirements. In this phase, ideas are brought to the table that are further fine-tuned, keeping in mind the client's budget constraint and timeframe for task completion.

Step 2: Planning

After a comprehensive understanding of the maintenance goals, a tailored architectural concept plan is introduced. This helps to invite more requirements that were left in the first stage.

Step 3: Budget Proposal

This stage incorporates developing the actual working drawing and the budget proposal in front of the client.

Step 4: Maintenance Starts!

Here you will start witnessing the project transition on your property.

Step 5: Property Is Ready!

You will be handed over your property in the most optimal state with nothing missed as described in the contract.

We Care For Your Space Like Its Ours

Uncertainties to systems are unpredictable. You can’t predict when the heating system surrenders or when the plumbing springs a leak. But you don’t need to fret any longer. Golden Sun Construction is always here to respond to your emergency call-outs. Day or night, whenever you call us, we will be more than happy to serve you with expedited maintenance services. You can rely on us for the repairs that can’t wait.

Additionally, our team also inspects the facility’s condition to anticipate future disruptions. This helps the homeowners to plan for preventative maintenance services.

Having us by your side, your outstanding issues will be rectified in no time. Whether servicing the boiler or replacing a fuse box, you can confide in us for professional residential home maintenance services.

Contact Today to Fix the Cracks on the Earlier Basis!

Golden Sun Construction is committed to offering peace of mind by its scattered range of construction, refurbishment, and maintenance services — that too within the anticipated timeframe and budget!

Whether you require residential fixing or commercial home maintenance services, you have us by your side to witness the best results.